Amis des sentiers Lac-Brome

Amis des sentiers Lac-Brome

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  • ASLB organizes mostly weekend outings.
  • Whatever your physical condition, our activities are planned to meet your expectations. Each hike is defined according to difficulty levels varying from 1 to 5. Dynamic or more contemplative subgroups are formed just before the walk.
  • We walk in forests around Bromont, Sutton, Owl’s Head, etc. Unless otherwise stated, most of our outings last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Each hike is supervised by volunteer guides. Sometimes during the year, we organize longer outings, either because they are outside our territory or more physically demanding.
  • With us, you will discover many public trails, but also private ones according to agreements made with landowners.
  • Each week, members receive an email invitation with all the details and instructions.
  • Registration is mandatory when visiting private properties. It is not when we go to public sites, but strongly encouraged. Participants can either go directly to the hiking site or take advantage of organized carpooling from the public parking lot located beside the Star Café on Lakeside in Knowlton.


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Printemps / Spring

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Été / Summer

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Automne / Fall

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Hiver / Winter

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